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New York Knicks True Colors Show As Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith Comment on Jeremy Lin’s Contract

Is it jealousy? Simple hating? or just plain back-stabbing?

A few days after stating he’d love to see Jeremy Lin back in New York, Carmelo Anthony openly called Lin’s contract ‘ridiculous’ on his twitter account, stating:

“It’s not up to me. It’s up to the organization to say that they want to match that ridiculous contract.”

Way to go Melo, as if his contract isn’t as ‘ridiculous’ for a one-dimensional scorer. When was the last time you’ve read about your team captain dissing a teammate’s paycheck? When is it a teammate’s call on whether a contract is good or not?

J.R. Smith also publicly stated to Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated that Lin’s contract will create issues in the locker room as some (possibly himself) would feel that Lin’s 30-game sample-size doesn’t justify the contract he’s given.

First of all, this is the New York Knicks, the team that offered:

Tim Thomas $12.9M (12ppg / 2005)
Penny Hardaway $14.6M (7.3ppg / 2005)
Antonio Davis $13.9M (5ppg/4rpg / 2006)
Steve Francis $15M (11ppg 2007)
Quentin Richardson $8M (8ppg 2007)
Larry Hughes $12.8M (11.2ppg 2008)
Jerome James’ 5-year MLE
Eddy Curry (Nuff Said)

Is Lin’s contract over-the-top when 2013 arrives? We’ll never know how good or bad he’ll be by then. At $13M range, he’ll need to be a top 8 point-guard to be worth that salary, but frankly, 80% of the contracts in the league are not proportional to the skills of the players.

Lin’s contract pays more than what he does on court, but for marketing, product, and ticket sales as well. If it was a business decision, New York’s profits from the Linsanity period last February 2012 have already more than shouldered the luxury tax that Lin’s contract will bring in the future.

Also, let’s not forget that the Knicks could’ve prevented all this by just offering Lin a contract before anyone else did and got it over with.

Haters gonna hate…. Carmelo clearly shows what he’s made of.

  • Lindavdriel78

    knicks made so much promises, they promised to match any offer up to 1 billion,
    now they cannot keep their promis.
    fuck knicks!

  • Lindavdriel78

    carmelo killed Lin.  and Mike woodson is clearly not Lin fan .
    If knicks choose Melo basketball, better let Lin go .
    so now Lin is with rockets, it is better for Jeremy lin.
    but if kniks offered Lin a contract earlier than rockets , I am sure that Lin would have being with us.

     knicks: “go into the market and let’s see what you’re worth, we will match anything up to a billion dollars”
    houstaon, “25 million”
    knicks, “fuck that”
    good job handling the one person who brought life back to ur organization. u just threw him out like he was a nobody..