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Don’t Unleash Linsanity 2.0 – There Wouldn’t Be One… .

Tonight’s gruesome knee injury of Baron Davis makes me hate David Stern even more. The knee injuries in this year’s Playoffs have been very serious and were all non-contact injuries on slashing point guards.

Davis’ injury came in at the 5:15 mark in the 4th in Game 4 against the Miami Heat, as he was going for a fast-break layup for a go-ahead basket, he crumbled to the ground with no one initiating contact and Knicks center Tyson Chandler promptly called out for a stretcher seeing how bad the Davis’ knee was.

The injury is officially a dislocated knee cap patella and for a strong, but injury-prone Davis, this could end up being a long recovery for him.

Of course, with the news of Davis’ injury, the rumors are swirling that our favorite Jeremy Lin would return from his own knee injury and unleash a second round of Linsanity heroics against the mighty Heat.

It seems like another perfect scenario and story for Lin and the Knicks. The Knicks free-falling, needing a savior and leader on the court due to lack of cohesiveness and injuries. The picture is even better set up right now with the Knicks 1 game away from being eliminated from the Playoffs.

This will be a very Willis Reed-like moment, but please… Don’t.

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Lin’s knee is still less than 100% and he was barely able to do full laterals at speed last week, he’ll obviously won’t be ready physically for heavy 40+ minutes load with only Mike Bibby and Toney Douglas filling in.

The risk of Lin blowing out his knee (whether it’s the surgically repaired one or the good one is irrelevant) is high and for a rather pointless season anyway other than for the Madison Square Garden executives who’ll be pocketing more Playoffs dollars.

The kid is 23 years old, there’s at least a decade more of high-level basketball days for him. Putting him out on the floor with a wobbly knee and poor conditioning against a high-paced Heat time and a depleted Knicks roster is a perfect storm for cutting Lin’s career half a decade.

There’s very little to play for other than pride to be honest, I don’t see how a depleted Knicks team can beat the Heat in seven, nor the odds of the team beating heavy defensive teams like Boston or a fast-paced Chicago/76ers team.

The Knicks should do their best to beat the Heat, show some heart and resilience for the Knicks fans and each other, but not at the expense of more career altering injuries to a lost season. Rest up and fight a new season with a healthy and more bonded squad for 2013.

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  • http://www.jeremylinfanshq.com jlinfanhqadmin

    Stern and Co. doesn’t care about that…

  • http://gdtdesignstudio.com Garrick Dee

    These non contact injuries are the worst. Baron might be over compensating because of other injuries.

    Baron’s career might be over after this injury