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Lin & the Knicks visit Miami

One of the most anticipated match-ups in this shortened NBA season is about to happen.  With the emergence of Lin and having the Knicks back in full strength it’ll be a showdown when they visit the Big Three of James, Wade and Bosh in Miami.

Amare and Carmelo are adjusting well to a Lin-led Knicks as not doing so would isolate themselves from both the fans and the D’Antoni system.  While at the reserves, it’ll be Baron Davis guiding the young Lin (if I told you a year ago that BDiddy would be mentoring and subbing for a Chinese PG you’d laugh at my face) and J.R. Smith can provide potent firepower and explosiveness.

And yet the league leading Heat (26-7) are prepared for them.  They would not go down the path of not seriously taking on the new face Knicks, which the Lakers and Mavs have taken and have regretted.  Motivation is high as they won their last 7 and they’re out there to prove to the young upstarts that it’ll be a different ballgame.

“It’s going to be a high-energy game,” Wade said. “The crowd is going to be into it. Fans around the world are going to watch the game, obviously, for many different reasons, so it’ll be great.”

“It’s the game right before All-Star,” James said. “But it won’t be like ‘that’ game before All-Star, like people are accustomed to. Everybody always says, you know, the game before All-Star, people are ready to get to All-Star weekend. I don’t think so. Just knowing the rivalry, knowing the history between the Heat and Knicks. It could be one of the most watched games we’ve had in a long time, especially with what Jeremy Lin is doing.”

Miami Heat

Miami Heat on the bench

The Heat starters wouldn’t certainly be resting on the bench for a blowout on this one.

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