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If Knicks Wins Game 3, Should Amar’e Be Traded?

Since Linsanity started back in February, the speculation of the return of either Carmelo Anthony or Amar’e Stoudemire (or both) will cause trouble for the rejuvenated Knicks, and it has, not surprisingly.

The Knicks seem to be a more cohesive group when only one All-Star is on the court with Jeremy Lin or Baron Davis, for that matter and after seeing two months of revolving door rotation of the Knicks’ starting five, it seems to be clear that the team is better with Carmelo Anthony taking charge than Amar’e Stoudemire.

Image - Matt York

With Melo and Amar’e owed approximately the same amount of money through 2015, it’s clear that these two scorers can’t seem to jive on court. Their games are too different, stubborn, if not one-dimensional, to coexist on the floor at the same time.

It doesn’t make sense to move either one off-the-bench either with that kind of contract.

When Amar’e's (how do you punctuate that?) back got him sidelined before the Playoffs, we all saw a vintage Melo with his incredible knack at piling up the point and even showing some rebounding and defensive skills along the way.

Something we didn’t really experience when Melo was out and only STAT was running the show.

Stoudemire has always been a unique talent, capable of so much more than he’s showing. Like many former Phoenix Suns big men, removing Steve Nash or any tier-1 playmaker exposes the one-dimensional game of forwards and centers who play the fast-paced offensive set of Mike D’Antoni.

With Mike Woodson running the show in New York and slow down pace of the Playoffs, Stoudemire’s lack of output at both ends of the course is glaring.

And as if the patience of the Knicks fans isn’t tested long enough, a self-inflicted laceration that would keep Stoudemire out for at least one game in a difficult first-round match-up with the Miami Heat adds more insult to injury.

While I totally understand why he vented out and decided to punch something out of frustration (at least he shows he cares about the loss), it wasn’t that smart to smash glass, however. That’s besides the point.

Which begs the question, should the Knicks trade Amar’e for someone (or a group) of players with equal or lesser value this off-season? Especially if the team happens to steal a game or two from the Heat without him in the next 4 days.

What are some scenarios that you think the Knicks could get back in return with that $100M contract of his?

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