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Conspiracy of Jeremy Lin’s Injury – New York Knicks’ Cover-Up

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Wow, now this is news beyond Jeremy Lin’s injured knee.

According to New York Daily News writer Frank Isola (article here), the powers-to-be in Madison Square Garden decided to hold off the public announcement of the real extent of Lin’s knee injury to ensure that they still get to sell the Knicks’ season ticket holders have fully paid their playoff tickets as well.

While season ticket holders would most probably snap-up playoff tickets anyway, one has to wonder why the Knicks’ executives think this move actually makes sense!?

The Knicks were eventually going to get around to revealing the troubling results of Jeremy Lin’s MRI but certainly not before last Wednesday.That was a crucial day inside the club’s executive offices at Two Penn Plaza because March 28 represented the deadline for season- ticket holders to purchase all four rounds of the playoffs.

Fearing that an early announcement of Lin’s injury may affect sales, the New York Knicks continued using Jeremy Lin’s presence to sell off playoff tickets, particularly ticket packages that last as long as the Knicks are in the playoffs, despite knowing Lin may very well not be available for the playoffs itself.

If you remember in an early post-game recap, coach Mike Woodson actually mentioned that he’s not sure if Lin will be back this season, citing a potentially serious knee injury that can’t be dealt with day-to-day, yet that comment quickly subsided and the day-to-day report just kept on coming for the next 2 games of the Knicks.

On Friday in Atlanta, Woodson told reporters that he didn’t know “when” or “if” Lin would return to the lineup. Within one hour, the Knicks’ media relations staff released a statement to select media outlets contradicting Woodson.

Suddenly, the Knicks’ position was that there was a chance Lin could play either Tuesday in Indiana or Thursday in Orlando. In theory, they weren’t wrong. Lin had yet to decide whether to go ahead with surgery. However, Lin was leaning that way and the fact remains that the club had yet to announce the results of an MRI taken four days earlier. Lin’s knee wasn’t just sore. It is damaged.

While it was up to Lin to decide when he should have his surgery, it’s unlikely that our Harvard guard has the medical knowledge to make that decision himself, so in some ways, the cover-up seems to include hiding medical information from Lin until the money has been deposited to MSG’s coffers.

Talk about being used as a cash cow.

What do you think? Did MSG/NYK need to withhold Jeremy Lin’s injury to sell more tickets or was it just a bad PR/marketing move?

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